Current ongoing project, inspired by the fan-made Nuzlocke challenge in the Pokémon games. An off the rails, no-worries art style, created just for fun and practice.


"Stripes in Space"

One shot focusing on a group of tiger-aliens and their encounter with a wolf-like alien baddie. This story has evolved a lot since this original incarnation but it's always fun to see it's origin.


"Out-of Space"

Simple two page one-shot.


"Retail Cat"

An extremely nihilistic comic I had started in spite of a job I had at the time. This comic never truly 'finished', I simply didn't have content for it once I got a job I liked. Funny how it all works out!


"Souls Ignited"

Originally called Vanguard, A newer, refreshing story that I hadn't made when I was twelve years old. I was really passionate about this project but I couldn't keep up with it with school and work, and I hadn't planned it out very well. But I learned the most about doing comics from doing this comic for a year or so.

A story I had started back in 2009, but didn't fully realize or start until after high school. I stopped this story because it had become too big and too ambitious for a first project.


"Twin Shadows"